Contour and Conquer

When you look up Morocco fashion you get some amazing pictures. Jewell tone colors, flowy garments, floral prints and metallic finishes. When you look at the hair of those in Morocco we see a lot of beautiful locks full of curls. The look has a Farrah Fawcett style to it yes, the American model and actress. Her full long curls that move as they are going down the runway. “I can imagine my models gliding down the runway with curls bouncing across the garment as they work the runway.” Among other styles you will see the goddess braid one style that is traceable to ancient Africa. This braided hairstyle is worn as a crown around the models hair symbolizing royalty. To finish the look female models will wear hair jewelry which will consist of a variety of metals such as golds and silver hues. Some of our models will be wearing beautiful oversize gem rings to bring the garments together. “As far as earrings and necklaces the pieces are such a major statement by itself I haven’t decided whether or not I will accessorize with necklaces and earrings but whatever I do it is sure to bring the garments to life.” Whitney says, from the fitting last week I would have to agree the garments are bold and culturally inspired.

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